Jul 6

Logotypes and Corporate Identity, part 4

08:01, published in category: design, projects

I’m continuing to post some past design work (part 1, part 2, part 3). This time I’m presenting you a project “for my soul” – identity for a local restaurant “pri Ovinku”. The typefaces used are Erazure and Gentium.

Celostna podoba: “Pri Ovinku”

Three main colors used: olive green, beige and chocolate brown.

Celostna podoba: “Pri Ovinku”

Application of the logotype and copy “Užitek ob hrani.” on a flyer.


CerpinTaxt, 6. July 2009, ob 23:02:

I like! Kul znaki!

Marko, 1. August 2009, ob 21:28:

Gašper nice!

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