Oct 24

New identity, webpage redesign & writing blog in English

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After some time of silence my blog is going to wake up. This is my first blog post in English, so I apologize for my grammar. The new Morphix identity and webpage got some great response from international visitors. After submitting it to CSS Mania they published it on the first page and also selected it in the CSS Mania Selections. This is the reason I got a lot of positive response. My Google Analytics dashboard showed an over 2000% jump of unique visitors.

The website also got published on bunch of sites: The CSS Awards (Site of the Day), CSSmayo (Site of the Day), DesignAwardsGallery, Nicely Done CSS, Design Fridge, CSS Illustrated, CSS Brigit, CSS Based, CSS Cookie, CSS Machine, CSS Design Yorkshire, DesignFlavr, The CSS Awards, Web Creme and others.

New Morphix Website

The idea for the new website is actually simple. It is a single-page website, divided into three sections. You can navigate around with scrolling or using the navigation button on every section. The graphics on every section are dinamic adjusted to different user screen resolutions. I also got some suggestions for adding jQuery scrolling to my site, what I did today.

New Morphix Website

Before redesigning my main website, I have done some design work on the Morphix Identity too. The typography is Underware‘s Liza Pro, with some minor modifications.

New Morphix Website

Feel free to leave some comments on the new site.


Karmen, 24. October 2009, ob 13:28:

Gašper, congrats!

Now you have to do some more work on your web site copy :-)

Klemen, 24. October 2009, ob 14:13:

No, na glavni About strani zdaj lahko odstraniš tisti “slovene only” pripis =)

Morphix, 24. October 2009, ob 14:38:

@Klemen: Vem, bom storil, samo da še prej prevedem spet ostale stvari na blogu nazaj v angleščino :)

Davorin, 24. October 2009, ob 14:41:

Excellent work Gašper! I agree with Karmen, there is still a potential in your website copy, but you need to blog in English and market your brand globally. Congrats :)

Morphix, 24. October 2009, ob 14:52:

@Davorin: And I agree with both of you. The copy always has potential, especially when a webdesigner does it himself :)

Tabitha, 24. October 2009, ob 23:34:

The design is fabulous, but I was most impressed with the fact that your page validates in XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2. Congrats…you deserve it!

Jan, 25. October 2009, ob 00:59:

omg, that’s one of the best designed sites I have ever seen. Congrats Gašper, really inspiring!

Elisabeth, 25. October 2009, ob 17:46:

Beautiful site! I love the way scrolling brings you underground.

Christian (ptujec), 27. October 2009, ob 22:09:

I like it a lot. Great design!

Matija Kočevar, 29. October 2009, ob 14:59:

Just a well-meaning comment – in your blog’s title image, you misspelled “intellectual”. Also, it would probably be better if it were “intellectual property law”.

Again, just trying to help :).

Anyway, great design and keep up the good work.

Morphix, 29. October 2009, ob 17:11:

@Matija… this image was made in a hurry, just to replace the old logotype. I’m still renovating this blog and replacing some old slovene text. Thanks for your comment, you’re welcome.

Michael, 29. October 2009, ob 18:51:

love the design! Brilliant!

Morphix, 30. October 2009, ob 14:58:

Smashing Magazine mentioned us in their Showcase of beautiful textured web designs: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/10/29/showcase-of-beautiful-textured-web-designs/

Pečar Gašper, 11. November 2009, ob 00:26:



sewa mobil, 12. May 2010, ob 08:18:

love it!!!
i really like your design

Eric, 19. February 2013, ob 18:45:

wow, what a beautiful design!

John Buzz, 5. September 2014, ob 14:02:

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