Oct 27

Workplace renovation

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A well equipped, organized and comfortable workplace has always been very important to me. As a long term PC user it wasn’t really non-problematic switching to a Mac. My first Mac came very late, it was an Intel based MacBook 13,3 inch. I bought it more for checking out how the Mac environment would feel, than do some real work on it. Then the iPhone came and a Mac based machine seemed to be crucial for comfortable syncing.

My workplace

Photo with notes on Flickr.

Just few days ago I fully switched to a Mac (I still kept my two PC’s as support machines). I bought a new MacBook Pro 17 inch and LED Cinema Display 24 inch. Two wireless routers (AirPort Extreme and AirPort Express) are connecting all computers excellent.

My workplace (close up)

While backing up documents has always been my weakest point, WD My Book Studio II (2 TB) and WD My Book Essential (1 TB) are now keeping all the data as safe as possible. Moving all documents to a cloud (like MobileMe’s iDisk) isn’t yet a solution for me, because of the relative large amount of documents and slow connections in our country.


Waasys, 17. November 2009, ob 17:40:

Great workspace! I really like it! Whede did you get those wallpapers?

Morphix, 17. November 2009, ob 19:55:

Hi Waasys, the backgrounds are from interfacelift.com

Waasys, 18. November 2009, ob 13:59:


izdelava spletnih strani, 26. November 2009, ob 08:56:

Very nice and clean. Mine is such a mess :(

Kultura Bivanja, 6. December 2009, ob 11:17:

looks really nice. wish i had so much space ;)

Vunky, 14. December 2009, ob 10:27:

Nice equipment. Doesn’t it get a bit crowded on that one desk? Or do you normaly set it up different?

Morphix, 14. December 2009, ob 22:03:

Hey, yes it’s a little bit crowdy right now. I’m thinking to move to a bigger place.

chupatop, 22. January 2010, ob 14:24:

Looks really cool.)

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