Mar 22

A little refresh, on what was going on lately

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As I twittered few weeks ago, I underwent a risky eye surgery. Luckily, everything went well, so I can work again without problems. Therefore I was forced to take some time to relax, charge my batteries and get some inspiration for the future. Inspite all the pain, I enjoyed it much.

I have put together a short collection of my latest local projects done in 2010:


A sneak peek of the visual identity for Tridens, a Slovene based IT company, providing innovative IT solutions, consulting, and software engineering services.

Tridens - Innovative IT Solutions Company - Logotype

Elumina & Elumina CMS

Elumina is a small Slovene web development company. The word “Elumina” comes from “lumina”, plural of “lumen”, which is a unit of standard measurement used to describe how much light is contained in a certain area. I have done two logotypes for them, one was for the brand Elumina and the second for their Content Management System. Both logotypes are trying to be different and related at the same time. The colorful shapes symbolize overlapping rays of light.

Elumina & Elumina CMS - Logotypes


Hostko (old site) is one of the leading webhosting and domain registrar in Slovenia. The blog, you are reading right now, is also hosted by them. Here is a screenshot of their new website, which is – at this time – still in construction.

Hostko - Slovene Hosting Company - Website design is a TV guide website, covering the main Slovenian TV stations and some other cable channels. - Slovene TV Guide - Website design

Oh, yeah, another good news. The blog got a high visitor jump, as it was mentioned as #1 in Psdtuts+‘ article 40 Brilliantly Illustrated Web Designs. Thank you guys, I have been very honored.


vishnubhatla, 4. June 2010, ob 12:09:

good work yaar

Adrian, 15. August 2010, ob 14:07:

I like your style. Very clean and colorful. Found you on “Make Better Websites”.

Prakash, 19. December 2010, ob 01:37:

Hi there,

Beautiful blog i haven’t seen ever before. I really like your style & effort on design. It looks great with background & layout design also looking catchy with colors. Love your work.

Morphix, 19. December 2010, ob 11:11:

@Parkash Thank you! I’m really glad you like it.

Madhur, 15. March 2012, ob 22:09:

beautiful website with lot of stuff to learn from.. thanks and i appreciate your designs

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