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Designing an iPhone App for a Real-time Collaboration tool

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I am presenting some screenshots of an Apple iPhone App that I designed lately for a client called Flowr. We signed a long-term partnership for designing their website (but not the logotype) and user interface of the application. So, what is Flowr? Flowr is a brand new Real-time Collaboration tool that keeps everyone up-to-date and a way to improve communication between co-workers.

It has been a great challenge for me to design their iPhone App. And the first time for me as well. The documentation for the development of iPhone Apps is good and detailed. Many different parts such as drop-downs, input boxes, check boxes… are already well designed by Apple and ready to use in our 3rd party applications. I used them too.


Zachattack, 13. February 2010, ob 00:47:

Totally interesting man, I would love to pick your brain about the design process. Did you guys build the App in HTML5 or did you use the native Apple lingo?

Nice article

uberVU - social comments, 13. February 2010, ob 02:09:

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Morphix, 13. February 2010, ob 09:40:

@Zachattack: Will be a native iPhone App, available on AppStore. Soon.

Hung, 19. March 2010, ob 07:30:


Prakash, 19. December 2010, ob 01:48:

Fantastic stuff over how to design an iphone app for a real time collaboration tool & it sounds great. It will be more helpful to us.

Thanks for sharing this sweet stuff. Keep up posting good stuffs ever like this.

DedicatedServers, 26. January 2011, ob 17:20:

Awesome App for iphone. Developing this one I may say very hard lol what you think. Very detailed but great outcome. Cheers to you.

ganesh, 4. December 2013, ob 07:41:


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