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Morphix Pictograms: 140 vector icons for graphic designers

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It was quiet for a while, but now I can finally give you something new. Some time ago, I announced over Twitter, that I’m preparing a set of vector pictograms for sale. And now, here it is. Morphix Pictograms is a set of 140 royalty-free vector icons for graphic designers and design enthusiasts.

Morphix Pictograms

Every pictogram is precisely hand-crafted and shares the same visual language. It is the simplicity that makes it beautiful. The complete set is vectorized, built with Adobe Illustrator and scalable to any desired size.

You are free to combine different pictograms and create new ones. Let your creativity run free.

All pictograms are royalty-free. You can use it in commercial or other works. Please check out the license agreement for more details.


You can buy & download the complete set of pictograms right now for only EUR 14,00 (around USD 19,00) securely via PayPal, which allows you to pay also with MasterCard, Visa or American Express (no PayPal account is needed).

Update 7-Aug-2010: We got a lot of requests from buyers around the world, to change the primary currency into US Dollars. The new price for the complete set is $19,-, which is still around EUR 14,- (depends on the daily EUR/USD rate).


Peter, 2. August 2010, ob 20:14:

Can you please add webcam icon

Morphix, 2. August 2010, ob 21:18:

Hey, I’m sorry I can’t change the set anymore, but you can get the webcam icon exclusively for free. Just get the icon set.

Peter, 3. August 2010, ob 13:19:

Are you planning to add more icons in the future (like more multimedia – stop, more sound states, hd, fullscreen etc)?

John Loudon, 4. August 2010, ob 09:17:

Really nice icons. Very clean cut. You make your icons in Illustrator ?

Morphix, 4. August 2010, ob 09:56:

@peter: yeah, i’m working on a new set, but because of many other projects it won’t be released before 2011.

@john: yes, all of them are made in illustrator.

dendy, 5. August 2010, ob 14:59:

nice pictograms and also blog…I appreciate

Dominik Hahn, 5. August 2010, ob 18:00:

Hello! I bought the set today – do you send it by mail manually?

Morphix, 5. August 2010, ob 18:20:

Dear Dominik, first of all thank you very much for buying the set.

We are very sorry, the process of buying and downloading should be automatically, but we recently experienced some problems with PayPal, so we have sent the files manually to every buyer. Please just let us know, if you still haven’t received them.


Fred, 8. September 2010, ob 13:58:

Is it possible to use the set for other things than webdesign and programm… I mean for exemple postcard, keyring, t-shirt, home decoration …

Morphix, 8. September 2010, ob 19:47:

Hey Fred,
thanks for asking. Yes, the set is fully usable in any type of graphics. No mather if it’s for offline or online media.

Prakash, 19. December 2010, ob 01:44:

Great job of posting with nice pictograms. Some lovely icons are here which looks great with the amazing design works taken for it.

Like this listing. Thank you for sharing such a nice listing.

Andrey, 2. January 2011, ob 14:36:

Great job! I will keep this set in mind for the future. Very good quality.

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