Oct 13

Pictograms – a first résumé & what’s coming next

20:52, published in category: design, pictograms, projects

It has been a little more than two months, after I released Morphix Pictograms – a set of 140 vector icons for graphic designers. I have to admit, it was a great success. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback and mentions on Twitter and other websites.

I’m planning to release a second set in January 2011. I already started to work on the new edition. Here are some concepts of different face characters, which will be included.

It’s really exciting to play with minimal graphical elements and the simplicity of each pictogram. Looking forward to finally release the Pictograms vol 2.


Rok, 13. October 2010, ob 22:36:

Great job! :) Respect!

Prakash, 19. December 2010, ob 01:26:

Excellent round up & it looks great with your sounding tips with clear illustrations. Love this work & inspired of the design works made with it. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Morphix, 19. December 2010, ob 11:10:

@Parkash: Thanks, you’re also welcome to visit my pictograms website: http://pictograms.morphix.si/

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