Oct 31

Still alive, a quick follow-up on the past few months

09:36, published in category: design, pictograms, projects

Yes, we are still alive, working very hard on several different things: client projects, new upcoming release of Picons and a collaboration app start-up called Zepppelin. I feel kind of bad for not having enough time to update the blog more often.


As you already know, Picons are royalty-free vector icons (pictograms) for all kinds of designers, drawn by our studio. The release date, for the new third set of the Picons Basic, has been pushed forward but we are working very hard on the final polishing. New icons will share the same visual style as the previous sets, therefore it’s a must-have for all Picons lovers (sneak peak from Dribbble).


In September I joined a small team of colleagues to work on a new collaboration tool, which allows you to reach your team members and connect with all your favorite business related apps (like Basecamp, MailChimp, Dropbox, analytics tools, etc). Zepppelin is advanced in the way how it serves live information from different cloud apps, but on the other hand extremely minimalistic, simple and fast. For that reason, we moved to San Francisco, CA. As of today, the project is in a private beta phase and will go public in middle the of November. We will keep you up to date about it.

You are still welcome to follow us on Twitter, Dribbble, Flickr and Instagr.am. We are also happy to hear your feedback and thoughts on our work, just feel free to drop us a line here or on Twitter.

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